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Enetjärn Natur supports you in the assessment, valuation and risk analysis of your dependency of, and impact on, natural capital and ecosystem services.

Natural capital is the summed up assets and services provided by nature. It is the foundation capital, which we have built our economy and society on. All organizations are dependent on, and have an impact on, the natural capital throughout their value chain.

  • What do your dependencies and impacts look like?
  • What are the significant risks to your revenue and long-term profitability?
  • How do you handle these challenges today?

The natural capital includes valuable resources such as wood and minerals, but also the flow of ecosystem services such as climate control, pollination and air purification.

Ecosystem services are generally free of charge to utilize. The real cost of impact on natural capital, including impacts to air, water, soil and biodiversity, are not accounted for in the usual business balance sheets, despite the significant financial importance. The ability to account for, and report on, the true cost of business activities in monetary terms, natural capital included, facilitates more effective management of financial and operational risks from increasing raw material prices, changing environment and climate conditions or new legal requirements.

Organizations that map and value their dependence and impact on natural capital have greater opportunity to manage these challenges, which our economies, societies and environment are facing.

Valuing these hidden costs will provide you with a competitive advantage and the opportunity to transition your business strategy, resulting in a sustainable and resilient business. The outcome is long-term profitability with the capacity to manage future challenges.

Enetjärn Natur has the expertise to assess and value natural capital dependencies for most business sectors, including land use, consumer products and service sectors. We also support you in the transition to a business model that incorporates natural capital as central component in your business strategy, decision-making and reporting.

We have partnered with Trucost, whom are world leading in analysis and monetary valuation of natural capital data.

Why our clients choose us

- We are the leading firm in Sweden within assessment and valuation of ecosystem services and natural capital.

- Natural Capital Coalition lists us as Technical Advisors to apply the Natural Capital Protocol.

- We have an extensive network of leading experts on quantifying and valuing businesses dependencies and impacts on natural capital. 

- We work with leading experts within environmental economy, ecology, natural capital strategists, and in GIS.

For more information, contact:

Elin Fornbacke
Business Area Manager Natural Capital & CSR
+46 40 53 04 51