Enetjärn Natur newest member of BBOP


As of January 25 the BBOP Executive Committee announced that it has approved Enetjärn Natur for the BBOP Advisory committee.

BBOP - Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme - is a global collaboration of more than 75 leading companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and civil society organizations. The members are developing best practice in following the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, restore, offset) to achieve no net loss or a net gain of biodiversity worldwide.

New construction and development are essential for economic growth, yet under business-as-usual practices have often resulted in a significant loss of biodiversity. BBOP is working to change that equation, by helping companies to conserve biodiversity in an ecologically effective and economically efficient manner as they pursue their business goals. BBOP's Standard on Biodiversity Offsets helps developers to design and implement best practice offsets.

- We look forward to future collaboration with Enetjärn Natur and to be part of the Swedish context of offsetting, says Patrick Maguire, Programme Manager of BBOP.

- I am happy that Enetjärn Natur was approved as a new member of the BBOP Advisory committee. This will certainly help us develop best practice in offsetting in the Nordic countries, says Anders Enetjärn, CEO of Enetjärn Natur.

Enetjärn Natur has applied BBOP standards in some of the first large scale offsets in Scandinavia. From now on Enetjärn Natur will also be a full member of the BBOP global collaboration.

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